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Summer Parties are a Breeze with a Little Help

Planning a party for a special event, a wedding or even a low-key get together with cherished friends can be daunting when you think of all of the details from food, ambiance, cocktails, etc... Sometimes these things can start out as a small, fun idea that can quickly spiral to epic proportions. You think you have it all under control and as the big day approaches, you start to panic. Please don't panic! Whether you are weeks away from your gathering or it is the day of, I can help!

You've spent days or weeks getting all of the details together and it looks like you have everything covered but as you go through your check list, you wonder how you are going to get all of your errands accomplished. You need to pick up a cake from the bakery, pick up some wine from the liquor store, flowers or balloons are waiting at the grocery store. On top of all the running, you have a hair appointment. Why rush and worry? Go relax at your salon appointment have your personal concierge run your errands for you. You do not have to be in two places at once.

Are you having out of town guests arrive for a special event such as a graduation or shower? Do you need someone to pick them up at the airport while you tend to last minute details? No problem! I can pick up your guest at the airport and provide them with friendly conversation and a comfortable ride.

The day of a party or event is where I can be of the most help, are you running low on wine, beer or ice? Give me a call and I will run to pick it up for you. Did the dog eat your cake? (True story! 10 minutes prior to guests arriving, and yes, the dog still has a home.) I can go pick up another cake you order. Did you not know the boss's wife is a vegetarian? Place an order for a vegan meal and I will pick it up while you engage in small talk. Do you need the dog out of the house for a shower or birthday party? Why not schedule a walk while the festivities are going on? Your dog will not be under foot and come back tired and happy.

There are so many ways a personal concierge can help you make your parties a success and help you enjoy them without hassle and worry. Having guests? Reach out and lets discuss what I can do for you!

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