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A walked dog is a good dog

We have all been there before, guests are coming over for dinner, you are cooking and cleaning, and then it happens... Your dog is running through the house with fresh mud on his paws. He isn't listening to you. You yell stop! He looks at you like you are speaking a different language. You have an hour left to prepare before guests arrive and your dog is full of energy. You want to be mad but in reality, you know he is just bored. So what do you do with a pooch who wants to play and you still have to sauté your vegetables?

A dog walker is your best friend and your dog's best friend when you need to get things done and your furry friend needs some attention and energy sapping exercise. Some fresh air and exercise will have your dog guest ready and too tired to beg for attention when your guests arrive.

Dog walkers are indispensable partners in your hosting routines. Book early for your next party, gathering or prior to having house guests. It's time to think about dog walking beyond work daycare and normal exercise routines and think about all the ways a good walker can add to the quality of your life as well as that of your favorite furry friend.

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