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How Can I Help?
Business, Leisure, Home

Professional Concierge, Family Errands, A Friend When You Need It.

Grocery Delivery
Services Include all of these and More!

 Sometimes life just gets busy, and sometimes we could all use just a little help. At Your Service 80118 is at the ready to offer solutions to help you get life back on track and save you a little time and sanity in the process.  There are so many ways that I can help. Please look through my most popular services below and if you can't find exactly what you need, just ask!  We can discuss your needs and see if it works out for the both of us. I am happy to offer services in Larkspur, Perry Park, Palmer Lake, Castle Rock and Monument.  I can't wait to see how I can help you!

Package delivery

The easy part is to place the order, but sometimes picking it up or returning it is not what you have time to do. Whether it's food, a gift, liquor, clothing, pet products, groceries, Rx, dry cleaning, hardware, etc. List me as your pick up person and I will bring it to you.

Online Delivery

Starting at $15

running errand

Primary is anywhere between Castle Rock and Monument, but will go where you need me to go, to get whatever you need. Delivered to your front door in a timely manner.


Starting at $25

food delivery

We live in our hood for a variety of reasons, but food delivery services just see us in the woods and the mountains with too many twists and turns. I live here. Decide what sounds good, order it and all you need to do is get off the couch and let me hand you dinner. I'm game, let's go!

Take Out Delivery

Starting at $15

Packages picked up.jpg

You can't always be home, whether it's work or vacation. You don't want that package sitting on the front porch or important letter waiting in the box, I will bring them in safely.  If a larger delivery is coming and you can't be there, tell me when, I will show up.

Package/Mail Pick Up and Returns

Starting at $15

Pet service

 Walk the dog, take pets to vet, clean out litter box, take to emergency room, go to dog park, pet sitting, drop off/pick up doggie day care, chemo appts, return lost pets to home, etc.

Pet Services

Starting at $25 

home chores

Water your plants, house sit, organize the garage or closet, dust that hard ceiling fan, unpack boxes, help in the yard, something you just do not want to do, ask me!

Household Tasks

Starting at $25

Businessman ride to airport

Is Uber going to show up this time? How many people will be on the shuttle? Will there be room for my luggage? Will everyone wear a mask? These questions add to the already stressful airport travel plans. Let me take you, just you and me, on time, and an easy drive. And even better, no parking issues!

Airport Rides

Starting at $125

keep company

There are groups for everything these days, but maybe that's not you or you can't get there. But you need adult conversation, or an hour of down time, or a card playing buddy, or idle chit chat. I'm happy to pull up a chair.

Keeping Company

Starting at $35

Wine Bottle liquor delivery

Sometimes you should stay home and enjoy the wine and not take the risk of driving. Or you just forgot to pick up what you need for the dinner party. Let me safely get what you need and enjoy your evening.

Liquor Store Delivery

Starting at $15

Exercise help

Sometimes you just need a push out the door, or you want company or need a different kind of conversation. I'm in, let's go!

Exercise Buddy

Starting at $35

Packed Moving Boxes

This can be exhausting and time consuming. I can do as much or as little as you need. Unwrap, put in the right room,  break down boxes and take them to be recycled. 

Unpacking Services

Starting at $25

Electronic Devices

We can't live without them, but sometimes they need to be repaired, cleaned or upgraded and this means lost time for you. At least let me drop it off and pick it up.

Electronic Repair Pick Up/Drop Off

Starting at $25

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