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Nice To Meet You

I'm Taylor-Morgan, Yes! Two First Names

 I'm a long time Colorado resident and going into my third year in Larkspur. I made my living as an exercise physiologist, private trainer and cardio fitness bootcamp instructor. I had the luxury of early retirement and now am offering services for errands, random tasks and open to a variety of small jobs that will make your life easier and give you more time to do the things you do best.

My passion is helping people and by people, I mean the 2 legged and 4 legged varieties!  If you need a ride to the airport or if your dog needs a lift to the groomers, I can help!  Do you need someone to grab your groceries or take-out?  Maybe you need someone to take a package to the post office or pick up some wine in the middle of your dinner party. If you have a need, let me know and we can find a solution. Safety, efficiency and timeliness are my 


Friends Along The Way


Pet setting, house sitting, ride to the airport - Taylor-Morgan is the one I call when I need someone who is honest, professional, meticulous, caring and friendly - she meets her commitments and always delivers. (Hint: Invite her to coffee to meet her, then book early - because there are only so many hours in the day! She's got you covered! She also has great contacts for contract work she doesn't do!)     

Chris W. -Perry Park

I work long hours, am exhausted and don't have time to do all the things I need to get done. Enter Taylor-Morgan. She covers all bases. She takes my dogs for scheduled walks, but will randomly pick up my online orders and deliver them to my home or office.  She also will keep me company when I do my stress walks. Recently, my dog needed chemo and because I couldn't get away, she took him to every appointment. 


 Chris S.  -Larkspur

I first met Taylor-Morgan when I was looking for someone to take care of our pets while we were out of town. I have to say I never had a more responsible, caring person looking after our fur babies. We were blown away with her level of commitment and how much she actually loved our animals. She went above and beyond and left us feeling like we could never find anyone to do as great a job and for such a reasonable price. Additionally we have hired her to help with random odds and end jobs and have been equally impressed and grateful for her. For example, we had a situation where one of our cats needed emergency care and was unable to get home in time to take her. Taylor-Morgan dropped everything and took her for us which ultimately saved her life because she needed emergency surgery. It is hard to find someone these days that is responsible, works hard and I trust enough to bring into my home especially when I'm not there.

She is hands down the best resource I could ever stumbled upon and cannot express enough how grateful we are for her. If you're looking for someone to help you out with random requests or house/animal care, look no further, she is awesome!  

-Mea and Scott L. Larkspur

Mea and Scott L. -Larkspur

Taylor-Morgan watched our house with all that that entails, and wow! After being gone a couple of weeks, my plants were thriving, packages neatly stacked inside and my cat was well-cared for, healthy and happy! For someone you can totally trust, go to her! She even took our trash to the curb and cleaned the cat box! Leaving town just got easier. 






We drank our bottle of wine and needed another! Plus, I was starving! As we know, getting people to show up or deliver in our hood is often difficult or non-existent. I reached out to Taylor-Morgan, and she delivered both!  We know her because she created an exercise program for myself and son, but At Your Service 80118, covers more ground. She runs errands, does pick ups, returns, deliveries and always tries to work on YOUR schedule. Personable, friendly and willing. Random tasks and timing are her thing. Best for us - we place our food order and she brings it to us from Castle Rock to Monument. 

Linda M.  -Larkspur

 Barb B.  -Perry Park

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